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Below you will find contacts for each area of Tax Policy in the Department of Finance.

Please note that individual queries in relation to tax issues should be addressed, in the first instance, to your local Revenue office. The Department of Finance deals with tax policy rather than the management of specific cases.

Staff Directory

For general website queries, please contact Sinéad Reynolds.

Name Position Responsibility Email
Overall Management Team
Derek Moran Assistant Secretary Fiscal Policy Division Derek Moran
Capital and Savings Taxation Policy, Tax Administration and Revenue Powers
The Capital and Savings Taxation Policy, Tax Administration and Revenue Powers team deals with Capital Acquisitions Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Property Tax, Pensions taxation policy, Stamp Duty (including property, shares & insurance levies), DIRT, Exit Taxes, Residence and Domicile Issues. It is also responsible for Finance Bill and Tax Strategy Group coordination, Pre-Budget Submissions management, various tax policy areas including Tax Clearance, Relevant Contracts Tax,Professional Services Withholding Tax, Cycle To Work Scheme, Travelsave Scheme, Benefit-in-Kind, Mandatory Disclosure and Revenue Powers.
Des O’Leary Principal Capital and Savings Taxation Policy, Tax Administration and Revenue Powers Des O’Leary
Liam Smith Assistant Principal Property, Savings Taxation Policy, Stamp Duty and Residence Issues Liam Smith
Donal Murtagh Assistant Principal Capital and Pensions Taxation Policy Donal Murtagh
John Day Assistant Principal Tax Administration and Revenue Powers John Day
Indirect Taxes
The Indirect Taxes team deals with Value Added Tax, Energy and Environmental Tax Policy, Air Travel Tax and Betting Duty, and Other Excise Duties including Excises on Alcohol and Tobacco Products and Vehicle Registration Tax
Gerry Kenny Principal Indirect Taxes Gerry Kenny
Ray Kavanagh Assistant Principal Value-Added Tax Ray Kavanagh
Clare McNamara Assistant Principal Energy and Environmental Taxes Clare McNamara
Kevin Kirwan Assistant Principal Excise Duty Kevin Kirwan
Income Tax Policy
The Income Tax policy team deals with aspects of income tax such as Income Tax Credits Rates & Bands, the Universal Social Charge, the Income Levy, the Health Levy and PRSI. It also deals with Mortgage Interest Relief and Medical Expenses Relief. The Income Tax Incentives team deals with income tax incentives with the exception of property based reliefs.
Brenda McVeigh Principal Income Tax Policy Brenda McVeigh
Seamus Milne Assistant Principal Income Tax Policy Seamus Milne
Marianne Nolan Assistant Principal Income Tax Incentives Sinéad Reynolds
Business Tax Team
The Business Tax Team deals with business related tax policy issues including Corporation Tax policy, IFSC tax policy, Tax Expenditures including legacy property tax reliefs, pensions tax policy, the R&D tax credit, the intellectual property regime, the holding company regime, bilateral tax treaties and other EU and international tax policy issues.
Gary Tobin Principal Head of Unit Gary Tobin
John Moore Assistant Principal EU/International Tax Policy John Moore
Brendan O’Connor Fiscal Economist Fiscal/Economic Division Brendan O’Connor
Kate Levey Assistant Principal Corporation Tax Kate Levey
Declan Kelly Assistant Principal EU Fiscal Attaché Declan Kelly

If your browser does not automatically open an email when one of the above links is clicked, you may contact us at the following email address: taxpolicy@finance.gov.ie. Please include a subject line which best reflects the area to which your query relates.

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