TSG 2007

Below is a table of the Tax Strategy Group Papers for 2007 which relate to Budget 2008. Those papers marked “released” are published exactly as they were circulated to the Tax Strategy Group. Those papers marked as “Released in Part” have been edited. There are no papers being withheld. The material which is not being made available deals with, for example, certain loopholes in which, it is hoped to close in future legislation and policy measures still under consideration. Where a paper has been edited, the text has been overwritten to indicate the extent of the text which has been removed. The Freedom of Information Act provides for this editorial process.
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TSG RefDateDescriptionReleased in FullReleased in PartWithheld
07/0111 September 2007TSG Rota 2007
07/01a25 September 2007Revised TSG Rota 2007
07/01b16 October 2007Revised TSG Rota 2007
07/01c22 January 2008Revised TSG Rota 2007
07/0211 September 2007Economic Framework for Budget 2008
07/0311 September 2007Income Tax
07/03a11 September 2007Income Tax Ready Reckoner
07/0411 September 2007Capital Tax Issues - Stamp Duty
07/0525 September 2007Minutes of 11/9/2007
07/0625 September 2007D/SWFA - 2008 Budget Issues
07/0725 September 2007General VAT Issues
07/0825 September 2007Housing Taxation Policy
07/099 October 2007Minutes of 25/9/2007
07/109 October 2007D/SWFA - PRSI Issues 2008
07/119 October 2007Pension Taxation Issues
07/129 October 2007Environmental Tax Issues (VRT)
07/1316 October 2007Minutes of 9/10/2007
07/1416 October 2007EU Issues - State Aid and Treaty Freedoms
07/1516 October 2007Major Tax Incentives/Expenditures
07/1616 October 2007General Excise Duties (Tobacco and Alcohol)
07/1716 October 2007Environmental Issues
07/1823 October 2007Minutes of 16/10/2007
07/1923 October 2007Tax Administration
07/2023 October 2007International Financial Services
07/2123 October 2007VAT on Property Transactions
07/2223 October 2007Employee Financial Participation Schemes
07/2313 November 2007Minutes of 23/10/2007
07/2413 November 2007Budget 2008 - Pre Budget Submissions and Meetings
07/2518 December 2007Minutes of 13/11/2007
07/2618 December 2007Preliminary Finance Bill Items
07/2718 December 2007Timetable for Finance Bill
07/2822 January 2008Minutes of 18/12/2007
07/2922 January 2008Finance Bill List of Items

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