TSG 2009

Below is a table of the Tax Strategy Group Papers for 2009 which relate to Budget 2010. Those papers marked “released” are published exactly as they were circulated to the Tax Strategy Group. Those papers marked as “Released in Part” have been edited. There are no papers being withheld. The material which is not being made available deals with, for example, certain loopholes in which, it is hoped to close in future legislation and policy measures still under consideration. Where a paper has been edited, the text has been overwritten to indicate the extent of the text which has been removed. The Freedom of Information Act provides for this editorial process.
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TSG RefDateDescriptionReleased in FullReleased in PartWithheld
09/0109 September 2009TSG Rota 2009
09/01a09 September 2009Revised TSG Rota 2009
09/01b09 September 2009Revised TSG Rota 2009
09/01c09 September 2009Revised TSG Rota 2009
09/0209 September 2009Economic Framework
09/0309 September 2009Income Tax
09/0422 September 2009Minutes 9 September 2009
09/0522 September 2009Report of the Commission on Taxation
09/0622 September 2009Capital Tax Issues
09/0722 September 2009Taxation of Property
09/0822 September 2009Tax Administration
09/0922 September 2009Minutes of 22 September 2009
09/1022 September 2009PRSI & Health Levy
09/1122 September 2009Social Welfare & Budget 2010 Issues
09/1222 September 2009VAT Issues
09/1322 September 2009Restrictions of Reliefs
09/1420 October 2009Minutes of 29 September 2009
09/1520 October 2009Energy & Environmental Issues
09/16a20 October 2009International Tax Policy
09/16b20 October 2009International Financial Services
09/1720 October 2009Corporation Tax Issues
09/1803 November 2009Minutes of 20 October 2009
09/19a03 November 2009Vehicle Registration Tax
09/19b03 November 2009General Excise Duties
09/2003 November 2009Tax Incentives/Expenditures
09/2103 November 2009Pensions Tax Paper
09/2217 November 2009Minutes of 3 November 2009
09/2317 November 2009Pre-Budget Submissions
09/2426 January 2010Minutes of 17 November 2009
09/2526 January 2010Finance Bill List of Items

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